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Step 1: Even Out Your Skin Tone

If You Want a Basic Look: Use Concealer

  • Using a fine, densely bristled brush, apply a small amount to the inner corner under the eye.
  • Draw a crisscross over any redness or discoloration that needs to be covered. (This distributes color more evenly.) Cover the top of a pimple rather than the area around it.
  • Using your index finger, blend with a light tapping motion.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Choose the right shade: If your concealer is too light, it will accentuate dark patches.
  • Don’t rub the makeup from side to side, which will actually remove the product from the skin. Pat it gently.
  • Keep concealer away from the outer corners of the eyes, where it can highlight fine lines.

If You Want a Boost: Use Foundation

  • Look for areas that are discolored or need evening out.
  • Using a flat foundation brush, a wedge sponge, or your fingers, lightly dab a small amount of the product in the center of these areas only (not the whole face).
  • Blend the color into your skin working in downward and outward strokes so that fine hairs on the skin lie smoothly in the direction of their growth.
  • Apply concealer over foundation.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Don’t slather foundation all over, like moisturizer.
  • Remember to blend along the hairline, under the jawline, and in front of the ears to avoid a makeup “mask.”
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